Harper+Laine swimwear is made of high quality fabric so you can enjoy wearing our collection summer after summer. Make sure you follow our simple care instructions so your swimwear lasts.

Wash // Immediately after use, wash your swimwear under cold water to get rid of any chlorine, salt water and any other products that may have come into contact with the garment.

Dry // Find a shady spot for your swimwear to dry, either by laying the garment flat or hanging up. This will prevent wrinkles and discolouration from the sun.

Storage // Once dry, store in a dry place to avoid any moisture absorption.

Avoid // Always avoid rough surfaces, do not tumble dry, dry clean, iron or use stain remover // Do not leave rolled up wet // Do not store when wet.

Caring for your swimsuit will ensure that your garments will not deteriorate in an untimely manner. We are unable to assume responsibility for any damages if cared for otherwise.